5Dimes Review

There are a number of reasons why 5Dimes can be considered one of the best sports books on the web. 5Dimes is my #1 rated sports book as well as my favorite sports book! And there is no doubt that one can make a sound argument that 5Dimes deserves to be number one. Make no mistake, 5Dimes excels in its web site functionality, customer service, and overall usability.

Like all the other books on this site, 5Dimes has its positives and negatives which I will get into below. For more information on the other sports books that make my Top 5, read my reviews on this site.

There are a variety of good ways to get money into your 5Dimes account. First, there is VISA Processor. This is still arguably the best way for depositing money into an account though it is getting some competition recently from Bitcoin. First time users are restricted to a minimum deposit of $50 and $250 as the maximum deposit. After three successful deposits, those limits get raised to $500. Second, there is MG, however, since this is NOT a very popular method. Third, there is Bitcoin. Even though there is a little bit of a delay in the process because of the Bitcoin blockchain sequence, I still highly suggest Bitcoin. If you make your deposit in Bitcoin then there are no limits to the amount of money that you can have withdrawn in Bitcoin – this is a big plus. Other options include money orders, RIA and Western Union.

Overall, all the methods are very easy to use and I have never had any issue with getting money deposited in 5Dimes.

5Dimes offers a wide variety of different ways to withdraw money from your sports book account. The Person to Person options are available with minimum payout limits of $100. Another option is a cashier’s check, but the limit is a whopping $1,000.  In addition, you can use MG, Western Union, or Bitcoin.

One of the biggest advantages to using the 5Dimes Sports Book is that amount of selection that is available. I feel like you can bet just about anything on sports book.

The interface is one of the places that I feel like 5Dimes really excels. It is very straight-forward, simple and to the point. Even though there is a vast array of betting options, all of them are very well organized and easy to navigate. 5Dimes is the best sports book out there for the experienced and professional bettor as they cover every type of bet imaginable.

Favorable odds are another reason that 5Dimes remains a very popular sports book for professional bettors. 10 cent lines are more or less the rule rather than the exception on MLB games.

While these early lines are great for the serious sports bettor, the bet minimums are what attract the recreational gambler. For only 50 cents, one can place a bet online at 5Dimes! This is the lowest minimum that I have seen in the industry and it is certainly the lowest of all the sports books that I am reviewing. That said, I would wholeheartedly refer to 5Dimes any volume gambler that likes to place bets over a variety of different sports.

In conclusion,

Pro: The lowest minimum bet of any sports book in the industry (50 cents).
Pro: Incredibly reliable, very few complaints, have been around for a long time.
Pro: Multiple bet types. It’s possible to make just about any bet imaginable.
Pro: Covers just about every sport on the planet.
Pro: Very favorable odds. Posted odds listed very early.
Pro: Lots of variety on the ways to get paid out and a lot of free options.

Con: They are not very big on player bonuses or promotions.

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