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Why Buy Your Sports Picks From 247Wagering

I am a system player, but I also combine several other factors when making my picks. I have great success doing this and confident that I will continue to provide long-term success. If you want to take full advantage and maximize your profits, I am here to help you win more of your bets. You […] Read more

How To Find Value In Sports Betting

I use the term “value” in my analysis all the time when giving reasons for a pick on a given day. What exactly is “value” when it comes to sports betting? If it is a spread pick, it does NOT cost any more to bet on it. But where does the value come from? When […] Read more

5Dimes Racebook Review

5Dimes Racebook is an online wagering platform that allows horseplayers to get the maximum bang for their buck through a variety of rebates and promotions. With 5Dimes, there are two unique Racebook options that make betting on the top horse racing action from around the world, fun and profitable, all from the comfort of home. […] Read more