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Buy YOUR Daily Sports Picks

If you are looking to play something every day, you probably want to check out another handicapper. I do NOT release a ton of sports betting picks. So if you are an action junky, I suggest that YOU find somebody else. If you are looking

Sports Betting Discipline

There are thousands of reasons out there as to why 95% of people who wager on sports end up losing year after year. I have found that one of the biggest reasons people lose is due to a lack of discipline. It may seem redundant

How To Find Value In Sports Betting

I use the term “value” in my analysis all the time when giving reasons for a pick on a given day. What exactly is “value” when it comes to sports betting? If it is a spread pick, it does NOT cost any more to bet

Shopping For The Best Odds

One of the biggest mistakes that most sports bettors make is failure to shop for the best line and price. Compare and think about the lines for a few minutes. How much are you betting per game? How many games do you bet (per day,

How To Spot A Pro Handicapper vs A Scamdicapper

  In my opinion, there are several ways to spot a real professional handicapper vs a scamdicapper: 1. The handicapping service spends most of its resources on handicapping, NOT from hiring more salesmen – If a service is spending most resources on hiring salesmen to