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Sports Picks With Proven Success

I am a sports betting handicapper. So what do I do? It is simple – I do all the research and make picks based of my predictive analysis and unique betting systems to pick more winners. I do all the leg work, so you do NOT have to. I have developed a consistent successful method […] Read more

Why Buy Your Sports Picks From 247Wagering

Trust. Accountability. Confidence. Sports bettors will find the tips, articles and libraries to assist them in doing their homework and becoming better sports handicappers themselves. Here are just a few reasons the sharpest bettors in the world rely on me and the resources at I’ve been operating online since 2007, selling Read more

My Sports Betting Philosophy

In my opinion, winning is about counting the money in the long term, not counting wins and losses. Thus, the majority of sports bettors are often fixated on their winning percentage under the false perception that a good winning percentage will lead to money to count. This is NOT the case! If you buy my […] Read more

Sports Betting Discipline

There are thousands of reasons out there as to why 95% of people who wager on sports end up losing year after year. I have found that one of the biggest reasons people lose is due to a lack of discipline. It may seem redundant but money management is the key to success in winning […] Read more