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Baseball Betting Tips

If you are looking for baseball betting tips and keys to help increase your winning percentage you have come to the right place!

While baseball looks like an easy sport to beat, it is just like anything else, you need to study up on how to do so. Listed below I highlight some things that are often overlooked when one does their baseball handicapping. Some have nothing at all to do with handicapping. Enjoy!

1. Make sure that your playing at a dimeline sports book. They usually have better odds and pay more.

2. Exercise proper money management. Never play more than 2% of your bankroll no matter how good a team looks.

3. Never chase losses. This is a sure-fire way to go broke.

4. Study both starting pitchers recent starts. A starting pitcher is only as good as his last 2-3 starts.

5. Check how the pitchers have done over the course of their career on the field their playing on.

6. Check to see how a pitcher has done over the course of his career vs. the current opponent. This is another stat that “at times” will reveal some great supporting evidence to help you make a play.

7. Check the past couple day’s scores to see how much the manager has worked the bullpen.

8. Shop for the best odds.

9. Consider learning to bet on totals. Did you know that totals have lesser limits than sides? There’s a reason for this. TOTALS ARE EASIER TO BEAT!

10. Avoid betting on your favorite team. Your opinion is a biased one and your judgement is skewed.

11. Avoid playing parlays. It is hard enough to win one game much less 2, 3, 4 or more! Generally, I tell people NOT to bet on parlays. However, if you feel compelled to, do NOT exceed 3 game.

12. Always check injury reports before placing bets.

13. Check weather reports. “Bad” weather and/or winds may make for an easy under or over play depending on which way the wind is blowing.

14. Consider joining a baseball betting forum. People from all over the world come together to share regional info and picks. Some of these guys are really good!

15. Watch as many games as possible.

16. Try to watch or listen to pregame reports. Some great info can be found here!

17. Try to avoid systems. Many are crap, unproven over time and have no supporting evidence.

18. Study and handicap the games. It will raise your winning percentage.

19. Always consider and look for underdogs first. Baseball is a unique sport in that there is no point spread involved. This means that you can bet moneyline dogs, hit less than 50% and still be a winner. Try to receive the vigorish rather than paying it.

20. Keep track of your records. Track and monitor how your sides, totals, and runlines do. Break them down even further to see if favorites or underdogs are treating you good/bad. Often times you will spot strong points and weaknesses in your game. Once you have identified these, pay more attention to the strong and eliminate the weak.

21. Study pitcher vs. hitter stats. Some hitters simply own certain pitchers and some pitchers simply dominate certain hitters.

22. Avoid chalky favorite – Laying -240 on a game and then losing means you have to win 2.4 times to break even.

23. Learn about WHIP. it is simply one of the most important handicapping stats you will ever use in my opinion.

24. Check lineups. We noted above to check injury reports but you need to check lineups too because some players take days off. Most MLB scoreboards show the lineups prior to the game. Well worth checking into. Especially, the hitters and outfield players.

25. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Betting the heck out of a game because you like it, is gambling suicide. Remember, money management! No matter how much you like a game bet it just like any other game because often times these are the games that kill a bettors bankroll.

26. STOP placing bets on the MLB on September 1st.

27. Finally, do NOT forget to handicapping MLB Defenses: A stat you must do regarding the team!

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