Potential First-Timers For 2017 MLB All-Star Game

First-time MLB All-Stars always offer some of the game’s best stories, and there are plenty of options in that regard. Which potential first timers MLB All-Stars might we see in Miami on July 11?

Well, the 2017 season is offering us plenty of potential MLB all stars in my opinion. So, who are they?

Miguel Sano, third baseman for the Minnesota Twins – The Twins have been one of baseball’s biggest surprises in 2017. Nobody has driven that surprise more consistently than Sano, who should belong in Miami.

Justin Bour, first baseman for the Miami Marlins – A power hitter. Bour has also developed into a good, complete hitter, capable of handling more than just the big side of a platoon.

Avisail Garcia, outfielder with the Chicago White Sox – Garcia is rounding into the hitter he was when he was with the Detroit Tigers and drew comparisons to then teammate Miguel Cabrera, earning the nickname “Little Miggy.”

Zack Cozart, shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds – I can cite numbers or the fact that Cozart leads the National League shortstops in voting until I’m all blue in the face.

Jason Vargas, starting pitcher for the Kansas City Royals -The fact that Vargas leads the American League in wins, as of July 20th, is NOT going to hurt his candidacy.

Ivan Nova, starting pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates – Although Nova has only nine walks in 96 innings unlike the top pitchers like Clayton Kershaw. Nova will be around the plate and will give hitters a chance to do what they do best – I might add, also get MLB fans something to yell about!

There are more potential first time MLB players for the 2017 All-Star game. But, the above are those that I feel have the best chance to make the All-Star team.