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Review Of Jazz Sportsbook

Jazz Sports has officially been around since 1994, however, it has ventured into different concepts throughout the years relating to the gambling industry. It is NOT until about 10 years ago that they started focusing not so much on the pay per head model but more into the mainstream business. Jazz Sports must be doing something good if they are still around after so many years, especially the fact that they have been able to keep a large part of their customer base around.

Jazz Sportsbook makes it easy to find what you are looking for with two different ways to sort on their sportsbook. The simplest way to sort is by bet type. To sort by bet type, use the tabs at the top to select the bet type you would like to place.

The other way that you can sort is by sport. To do this, ensure that you have selected the “Bet It All” tab at the top. Then, scroll down and select which sport you would like to see all markets for. Jazz Sportsbook offers an intuitive interface that makes it simple to find the bet you want to place.

Jazz Sportsbook covers all major sports from around the world, however, the main focus is US Sports. For example, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, College Hoops and College Football are the big sports where most emphasis is placed on. Regardless of this, Jazz Sportsbook does provide odds and lines for Soccer, Tennis, Motor Racing, E-Sports, Boxing, UFC, Golf and many more. There are even odds to be found of political events or other international mainstream events.

Not only can you find regular odds for a particular games, but also, for future bets or prop bets. Future bets range from anything from the winner of the Superbowl to the winner of the NBA Rookie of the Year. You can find odds for spreads on halves or quarters, as well as over/unders for each of them.

If you are looking for individual athlete’s stats, you can find prop bets regarding these types of bets

Jazz Sportsbook gives you the choice to change how your odds are shown.

Located in your account settings, you can select if you would like to see your odds displayed in fractional, decimal or American odds format. To change how your odds are displayed on, click “My Account” and select which odds format you would like to see using their drop down menu.

I also love that they make it so easy to find their in-play action.

To find all in-play wagering action, just click on “Live Wagering” on the main menu bar at the top of the sportsbook. You will then be taken you to a page that displays all current live-betting action, set out nicely by sport.

Jazz Sportsbook looks to be fairly well from a site-speed point of view in comparison to their competitors. The Jazz Sportsbook site is always fast to take you to different areas of the site, place bets and navigate content, and I had no issues with page load speed, which is critical when needing to place those last minute parlays.

It seems Jazz Sportsbook is the only US online sportsbook offering live streaming for their players. Meaning that if there is a sporting event you want to follow with a live feed, all you need to do is log into your account and start watching. This combines to perfection with the live wagering section as you can watch games online and bet on them as you are watching.

Another aspect that I like is the ability to create anonymous accounts. This means that if you do NOT want to add all the normal information you are usually asked when creating an account, you can opt in to go anonymous.

The third interesting benefit for players is the “Same Day Payouts”, meaning if you request before 11 am Eastern Time, then you will have your withdrawal sent that day. What happens if they do NOT pay out the same day? They will provide you either with a free play or cover the transaction fees themselves. The customer must have already confirmed his identity to have a truly smooth process moving forward with the same day payouts.

Lastly, cryptocurrency withdrawals are open on weekends, meaning that the usual “payments are only to be made Monday through Friday” is not followed here. is looking to stand out with this as all their competitors work from Monday-Friday.

One of the big questions that come about regarding a new bookmaker is are they safe?

First, when you create an account you usually provide your personal information, this is used strictly for occasional marketing purposes as well as for protection from identity theft or other scenarios like these.

When a customer initiates a transaction, the process of entering sensitive information is fully protected by secure servers which makes sure all this information is kept safe. This is usual for any type of e-commerce transactions as well, so its a standard in this industry as well.

Also, when the time comes to request a withdrawal, Jazz Sportsbook usually needs to verify the customer’s identity. Why? Well, because they need to protect the customer and make sure that there has not been any type of identity theft. This is also a measure that Jazz Sportsbook takes to protect themselves from any possible chargebacks that can be detrimental to the business.

The most popular product from Jazz Sportsbook is the ability for sports bettors to easily bet on live sports. Their quality live-betting interface makes it easy to find live-betting markets arranged by sports. However, they do have an online casino and racebook.

When a customer initiates a transaction, the process of entering sensitive information is fully protected by Jazz Sportsbook secure servers which makes sure all information is kept safe and private. In short, yes, Jazz Sportsbook is safe to place your bet.

Jazz Sportsbook is one of the newer online bookmakers, which means that they are eager to please new clients, and offer a range of great free bet offers for new customers. Their website is easy to use and fast to load, which is one of the most important things for bettors.

The easiest way to get your money in and money out is via Bitcoin or other cryptos, which Jazz Sportsbook does offer. This is because of the quickness of the transaction and small to no fees. However, Visa and MasterCard are very much present for players as well as traditional Moneygram methods.

Does Jazz Sportsbook offer any promotions?

$10 Sign Up Free Play Bonus (1x): No deposited need, one bonus per account and IP address. This promotion carries a 1x rollover as well and only applies for straight wagers.

100% Welcome Cash Bonus up to $1000 (15x): This is only valid for your 1st deposit only. This is only valid for deposits of $100 or more. The rollover is 15 times and is only available for Crypto deposits, P2P or Skrill.

10% Cash Bonus up to $1000 (3x): Valid for deposits of $100 or more. Every deposit method is available for this promotion.

20% Cash Bonus up to $1000 (5x): Valid for deposits of $100 or more. Every deposit method is available for this promotion. The rollover is 5 times for this sports bonus.

50% Cash Bonus up to $1000 (12x): Valid for deposits of $100 or more. Every deposit method is available for this promotion. The rollover is 12 times for this sports bonus. Deposits made via Visa and MasterCards are not available.

100% Cash Bonus up to $1000 (20x): This is similar to the Welcome Bonus except for the higher rollover, which is 20x instead of 15x.

10% Horse Betting Rebate: Each day, Jazz Sportsbook will deposit the 10% rebate into the customer’s account for the previous days for all qualifying wagers, regardless if you win or lose.

20% Cash Back Bonus: At the start of each month, Jazz Sportsbook will credit the players account with a 20% Cash Back. The customer must request the bonus, there is a 3x rollover attached. For the customer to apply for this, he/she must have made a minimum deposit of at least $100. The only bonus that you can redeem while still receiving your monthly cashback is the 10% Cash Bonus.

Finally, I’m impressed with Jazz Sportsbook perks for their players as live streaming sports game is a unique feature. The inclusion of anonymous accounts is a nice touch that respects the true purpose of bitcoin transactions.

I would like to join Jazz Sportsbook now!

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