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Is Soccer Betting Right for YOU

Soccer betting is incredibly popular, but that does NOT mean it is right for everyone.  I suggest that you think carefully about whether it is something you want to get involved with BEFORE learning too much about it. Otherwise, you may just be wasting your time.

You do NOT need to be a soccer expert to start betting on the sport: nor do you have to enjoy watching it. These things certainly help though.  If you are knowledgeable about soccer, and a big fan of the sport, then soccer betting IS probably right for you.  If you know nothing at all about soccer and don’t like watching the games, you might want to consider betting on a different sport instead – read up on the various sports on this site.

If you do NOT know much about ANY sport, then soccer betting may still be a good option for you.  Just make sure you spend some time learning about the sport first.

As I mentioned earlier, many people enjoy betting on soccer.  It is so popular, in fact, that an estimated 70% of all sports betting is done on soccer.  That is an amazing statistic considering how many different sports there are.  So, what is it about soccer that makes it the most popular sport for betting?

It can NOT simply be that it is a lot of fun, as betting on ANY sport can be fun.  It can NOT be that soccer betting has the potential to be profitable either, as that also applies to betting on any sport.  Surely there must be some other reasons too?

In my opinion, betting on soccer offers several advantages over betting on most sports.  They are:

Range of betting opportunities

Unlike many other sports, soccer is played in virtually every country in the world.  Most of these countries operate at least one professional league, and many of them operate several different competitions.  In England, for example, there are four professional leagues and three knockout tournaments.

In addition to the domestic competitions, there are also many continental and international competitions.  There is the Champion’s League, for example, which features the top clubs in Europe.

Variety of wagers available

NOT only do we have lots of different competitions to bet on, we also have a wide variety of different wagers we can place.  Soccer offers more wagering options than ANY other sport, which is a huge benefit.

Coverage of the sport

Soccer games are broadcast around the world on a daily basis.  Pretty much every game in the major leagues and competitions is televised, thus, we can watch as much of the action as we want.

Availability and volume of data

The ability to do effective research and analysis is vital when betting on any sport.  It helps us make informed judgments about the likely outcome of events, and it helps us make more accurate predictions.

A big advantage of betting on soccer is the fact that there is a TON of soccer-related data available.  It is NOT all high-quality of course, but plenty of it is.  In addition, it is available online.

Low margin at bookmakers

The bookmaking industry is VERY competitive, with bookmakers and betting sites all aggressively competing for their share of the action.  Because soccer betting is so popular, the bookmakers need to be especially competitive with their soccer markets.  This means that they typically operate on lower margins than for other sports, which means better odds and lines for us.

There are three possible results in soccer games

Unlike other sports, soccer games can end in a draw (tie), leaving three possible results to consider when placing wagers.  Thus, making predictions a little harder than with sports where there are only TWO possible results.

Upsets are more common than in many other sports

Thus, making predictions is also harder because of the amount of upsets we see.  There are upsets in every sport of course, but they are especially common in soccer.

The bookmakers pay a lot of attention to soccer

Since the bookmakers take so many wagers on soccer, they work VERY hard to ensure their odds and lines are as tight as they can be.  This is offset a little by the lower margins that I have already mentioned, but it still makes it hard to find value.

Choosing which soccer matches to bet on is a BIG decision.  Unfortunately, it is NOT an easy one.  There are so many options, it is almost impossible to know what to focus on.  Should we bet on leagues or knockout tournaments? Should we bet on the major matches or the lesser known ones?

These questions do NOT have “correct” answers.  It depends on a number of things.  I do have one piece of advice that you should definitely bear in mind though.

YOU stand a much better chance of making good decisions when betting on leagues and tournaments that you are familiar with.  The more you know about the teams and players involved, the more accurate your predictions are likely to be.

The key to betting on any sport successfully is to find value in the odds.  This means you have to go way beyond simply predicting what you think is going to happen.  You have to make judgments about how likely each possible outcome is, and use those judgments to identify value.  I suggest that you read the article about value by CLICKING HERE!

Once you know how to do the necessary analysis, you will find it much easier to assess the likely outcomes of games and competitions.

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