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Horse Betting Money Management System

That is what this simple money management system will do for you.  It will leverage your wagers and help you get the most out of your winners.  This system is NOT like the sports betting system!

Ok, let us assume you have a bankroll of $100 to play with. We will use that but you can use any number you want. You are going to bet 10% of your bankroll on your selection. Every bet that you make will be 10% of your bankroll.  Thus, if you lose, your bankroll decreases.  If you win, then your bankroll will increase.

You should write it all down and NOT try and keep this just in your head when you are betting. If you create your own spreadsheet or log, it will NOT only serve as a reminder of your wins and losses, but force you to discipline yourself.  By keeping a log, you will visually see your results and this will go a long way to keeping yourself in check at all times.

If you use this system diligently you will get more bang for your buck.

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