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Horse Betting Picks For Today

Welcome to your free tout sheet, handicapping  selected national races every day.  Come to where the winners are – The Hottest Sheet in Town!
Do NOT know which horses to bet?  I am here to help.  Top horse racing picks throughout the United States offered free every day.  I suggest that  place your bets to win or place.  Never place bets to show.  Exactas, trifectas, pick threes etc. Stay out of them.  That money would be better suited for your selections.  Just look here – this is where it is at – and it is FREE!

The internet has changed horse betting greatly.  You can now bet horse racing tracks throughout the country.  There are several betting sites that you can go to and wager safely and securely without worrying about getting your money if you win. Many of these sites also offer live video feeds, so the best part is that you can get track odds while you sit comfortably in your own home.  Many of the sites can be found on this site.  I only provide top graded sites.

Since it is free, all I ask, is that you will use my links to place your bets.  If by the end of 2020, I do NOT see my links being used, I will start charging for my picks!

I use GTBets for all my horse bets since I lose more often than win, but when I win it makes up for all my losses.  In addition, I get a 15% Rebate on any net monthly losses incurred while wagering on Horses – deposited right into my wagering account! All rebates are credited to my wagering account on the first day of every month!

Please remember, I only bet long shots and are racing at what I consider major tracks.  Do NOT bet every horse that I provide in my picks.  As a rule, I only win about 20%.  I personally like to play win horses.  In other words, I only bet them to win- unless they are showing odds of 5-1 or better.

My free picks for 10/22/2020 are:.

TRACK                                                  RACE #         HORSE #

Charles Town                                            3                        6

Charles Town                                            9                        5

Presque Isle Downs                                 6                        9


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