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Welcome to your tout sheet, handicapping  selected national races every day that provide the best chance of a winning horse.  I suggest that  you place your bets to win or place.  Never place bets to show.  Exactas, trifectas, pick threes etc. Stay out of them.  That money would be better suited for your selections.

The internet has changed horse betting greatly. You can now bet horse racing tracks throughout the country. Many of the best sites can be found on this site. I only provide top graded sites.

Please remember, I only bet long shots and are racing at what I consider major tracks. I personally like to play win horses. In other words, I only bet them to win (all my bets are $20) – unless they are showing odds of 5-1 or better (if the horse fits into this category, I place $10 on win and $10 on place). Many horse bettors use my picks and place their horse bets to place.

In addition, I suggest that you only use 1-3 tracks that you are comfortable with placing a bet and stick to those tracks only.

Everyone wants to be a winner, but the reality is that most horse bettors do NOT fully understand the intricacies of horse racing odds. Granted, placing a bet is easy enough but that is why most horse bettors lose money than they started with. Are you one of them?

Today’s (01/17) picks:

Race 2
Race 6

Golden Gate
Race 6
Race 9

Santa Anita Park
Race 7

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