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How To Spot A Pro Handicapper vs A Scamdicapper

  In my opinion, there are several ways to spot a real professional handicapper vs a scamdicapper:

1. The handicapping service spends most of its resources on handicapping, NOT from hiring more salesmen – If a service is spending most resources on hiring salesmen to sell, then that should be a red flag that their priority is in making sales, rather making profits for clients. For example: do you get phone calls trying to sell you picks?

2. The handicapping service’s profits come from betting on their own picks themselves, NOT just from selling packages – Think about it: If the picks are so good, then why are most of these touts NOT making a fortune betting on their own picks? If a service relies on selling picks for money and NOT betting on their picks to make money, then it is once again a red flag that the picks are NOT any good.

3. The handicapping service is constantly looking for additional sportsbooks to increase action – Professional bettors are always striving for more action. They are always in the hunt for additional books to take down. It is a sign that they are winning.

If you have been a part of my subscriber list for a while, you will know that:
The majority of my resources are spent on handicapping to provide clients with the best possible picks: In the the sports handicapping industry, it is well-known that many shady services spend the majority of their resources on paying salesmen to convert sales. In my business, the majority of my resources are spent on handicapping to deliver you the best possible winning selections.

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