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WARNING SIGNS to Spot A Scam Sports Book

In this article, I will hopefully help you to avoid online sports book scams, but nothing is sure prevention. I would suggest that you consider the following before placing a bet. You will find that all the sports books that are promoted on this site are highly rated and have been around for years. Please read the reviews found on this site on ALL of the sports books that are promoted.


Most new (and untested) online sports books typically struggle with lack of capital and/or business/bookie knowledge. You should only trust sports books that have been in business for several years, and only trust new sports books that are associated with older reputable sports books, or have been opened with experienced management.


Online sports books must be licensed and regulated by a online gambling-friendly nation. Licensing and rule-following may not guarantee total legitimacy, but a license still assures that the sports book abides by the rule of law and follows financial protocols designed to keep players safe.

Account Funding

Here is a good one: “We only accept western union.” AVOID!!!

Bonus Offers

Any online sports books offering bonuses that look too good to be true usually will NOT be around long enough to pay out the winnings. A confidence-inspiring sports book bonus usually falls within the 10% – 50% range. Just remember, the sports books are in the business to make money!


Often the surest sign of impending doom is a delay in a payout. Any payout by a sports book that is NOT immediately available (once bonus requirements have been satisfied) and able to be withdrawn and delivered within a week or less – should be avoided in the future.

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