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Tag: Horse Racing

Betting Scientist Horse Racing System

Boasting of an insanely high 89.52% win strike rate and a place strike of 96.35% since its debut way back in 1992, the Betting Scientist’s horse betting system is one of the very best. Taking a different approach to the usual betting systems you come across, the Betting Scientist chooses

Make Money By Betting On The Horses

Obviously it is a lot more enjoyable if you are winning at horse racing – which really is NOT that difficult if you remember two things. One, you are playing against fellow horse bettors, not the House, and two, racing percentages do NOT lie. Because you are playing against fellow

How To Bet My Horse Racing Picks

Looking for the best ways to bet my paid picks? Or perhaps after buying my paid picks, you are finding yourself wondering how to use them. Luckily for you, I have outlined my keys to successfully betting my horse racing picks and increasing your chances of turning a profit. Like

Types of Horse Racing Bets

You have two categories of wagers to choose from when you bet on the ponies: straight wagers and exotic wagers. For a beginner, I recommend sticking with straight wagers. They are simple and cheap. You simply pick one horse to come in first, second, or third. The minimum bet at

5Dimes Racebook Review

5Dimes Racebook is an online wagering platform that allows horseplayers to get the maximum bang for their buck through a variety of rebates and promotions. With 5Dimes, there are two unique Racebook options that make betting on the top horse racing action from around the world, fun and profitable, all

Gulfstream Horse Racing Track

Located in the Miami metropolitan area in Florida, Gulfstream Park is one of the major racetracks in the United States. Multiple Triple Crown winners have made their start at Gulfstream Park and it is the center of the Florida horse racing circuit, one of the most prolific in the USA.