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My MLB Picks With My Record

I will be using MLB Moneyline Underdogs and the over/under total game runs as I focus for the 2019 MLB season. My expected win rate is appx. 60%. Games will have odds from both moneyline favorites and underdogs Typically I expect there to be up to 2-3 MLB game predictions per day over the season […] Read more

Come Out On Top As I Crush The Lines – SPECIAL

Do You Bet Baseball? If its not your favorite sport to watch, try betting on it. You just might find out how much you love the sport. You know who loves it? Professional sports bettors. Why? Because you can look at many telling stats in baseball to help you make more winning bets. The start […] Read more

Winning Sports Picks

YOUR SOURCE FOR SPORTS PICKS In sports betting, strategy is what wins money. Even the books have a strategy, which is to get both sides of the bet to accept a monetary disadvantage as often as it can do so. Your strategy will be to avoid bets that require you to accept a disadvantage, and […] Read more

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