No matter what else you do, avoid placing what I call are sucker bets. In other words, teasers and parlays. They usually involve a string of bets that all have to win in order for you to win, in my opinion. These are a very bad idea and are pretty much impossible to beat. The only advantage is that these bets tend to be exciting and make a whole bunch of games interesting.

1. Parlay – A type of wager in which a player chooses two or more teams and all must win for the bettor to collect.

2. Teaser – Similar to a parlay but the bettor also gets extra points, but the bettor must pick more than one team against the spread. The most common type of teaser is the six-point teaser. The better is actually able to adjust the point spread by six points in each of the two different games.

Remember, the main rule that you have to abide by when betting on any kind of sport: Only bet the games in which you have the biggest advantage; the types of games that have been proven statistically to win over a long period of time. Sucker bets break both of those rules. By betting on a string of games you are essentially betting on games in which you have no advantage or a negative advantage.

Most people are hoping to get lucky. But, end up losing all their money. I cannot even put into words how stupid this is. It completely destroys any advantage that you might have had and gives it straight back to the sports book. The teasers and parlays have NOT been statistically proven to make money over the long term. In fact, they have been statistically proven to LOSE money over the long term. So just do yourself a favor and stay the heck away!

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