How To Make Winning NBA Picks

Professional basketball has a six-month season where each of 30 teams plays 82 games. This year the 2018–19 NBA season will be the 73rd season of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The regular season will begin on October 16, 2018, and end on April 10, 2019 That means there is a lot of opportunity for the sports bettor to make NBA picks every day. Unlike the NFL, which plays a fairly limited number of games. Thus, the sports bettor who focuses on pro basketball has to be ready to hit the ground running when the season starts and NOT bet on the preseason. You really need to know your stuff so that you can discern what odds offer you value and are a good bet. Below are ten tips, in my opinion, can help you make winning NBA picks

1. Preseason homework—do it I recommend that you do NOT bet the preseason, but instead read as much as you can and then some about the league, each team, players and coaches. In addition, look at the teams that dominated last season and also those that had breakout years.

2. Matchups In my opinion, matchups are very important and these need to be addressed for every game that you bet.

3. Start early That means you should consider overnight lines at night when they are first set.

4. Look for top defenses This is very important, especially in the first half of the season when offenses are struggling out of the gate and can keep down. In addition, they can usually win close games. Most teams can score in the NBA but not all can stop other clubs from scoring. Thus, tight spreads favor such teams.

5. During the season look for that great team that was blown out the night before by one of the worst teams in the league If there has been a blow out the night before chances are they are going to come out and try to annihilate their next opponent.

6. Look for that topnotch team on a road trip that has won two straight in three days and is about to play it’s third game in four days In most cases, they will be an upset. The team is tired, feeling sure of themselves and want to get home.

7. Placing bets based entirely on any one factor is a bad idea, in my opinion That is certainly true in the NBA, as true as it is for any other sport, but this is one aspect of pro basketball betting that can have an almost singular influence on the outcome of a game – its context, its position in a team’s season, and its position between home and away games as well as difficult or fluff games. Because every NBA team plays 82 games in a relatively short amount of time, the impact of a game’s context can sometimes be the unknown that sports bettors can see coming.

An good example to look for is a team that is vulnerable because of the context of a game – look for a team with a playoff berth who has just been beaten by a much-worse team the night before. This is the classic “team with a chip on its shoulder” that is likely to do whatever it can to win after that embarrassing performance.

8. As the season gets closer to the end most teams get run down and their defenses tend to get more lax Look for a game where a run and gun team may be going up against a club that loves to play defense but may just be tired. In my opinion, this is a time to consider the over in the over/under.

9. Consider the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Effect of teams This is the team that cannot be beat at home and cannot win on the road. They exist and you should bet on them when at home and also bet against them when on the road.

10. Finally, it is a good idea to use a professional NBA handicapper and to follow his advice

Use these NBA betting tips to make money and temper your choices throughout the season. Otherwise, buy YOUR NBA tips from me and let me do all the research!