Why Invest In Sports Betting

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Even the small bettor can afford these daily picks. I’m here to help you. I make money every week with these picks and now you can do it too!

This website is NOT like any other handicapping services on the net. This is NOT a state of the art website with professional design with articles and tips to help you win YOUR sports bets.

There is no “TEAM OF HANDICAPPERS” beside my service. It is just me, Richard Bleuze.

Every morning I select my own personal picks using stats, key injuries, trends, suspensions and other information in evaluating each game.

I do NOT make money by selling my picks, I make money because I use my picks! No matter if you use my picks or not, I know that today, I will make money again with my picks. Remember, always bet to win more than you risk because that is the one certain way to make sure the books do NOT have a monetary advantage.

Sports betting is largely viewed now as an alternative investment to traditional methods such as the stock market and property. With both of these suffering severe volatility over the last number of years, people have started to look on sports betting as a viable investment avenue or to simply supplement their own primary income.

Money earned from sports betting is essentially tax free. In addition, people also like being in the position of control with no stockbroker to deal with or hedge fund manager to control your financial destiny.

It is also alot more fun. If like me, you are a big NHL fan, the idea of making money from the sport you love is remarkably appealing.

There is also the instantaneous nature of profit creation. Unlike investing in shares, commodities or property, a majority of the time you will have to wait a prolonged period before seeing profit, if any at all. In betting, your opportunities to profit are many on a daily basis.

Here is the truth about winning percentage that nobody seems to care much about. There is only one thing that determines your winning percentage and it is NOT handicapping skill. Winning percentage is ALWAYS going to be a reflection of the lines you bet!

Sports betting, just like any other form of investment that carries risk, is NOT a sprint but a marathon. We are in it for the long term. And I always put my money where my mouth is because I know that what I do does works.

Any kind of investment that requires risk can experience big swings in short periods. But the smart investors who ride them out over long term are the ones that are most likely to succeed and make fortunes. This is the way to treat sports betting as a long term investment.

Take a look at the stock market for example. It is one of the surest paths to growing an investment over time we have ever known. But it does NOT go up every day. And there are days when it crashes.

Sports betting, just like other avenues that carry risk, can and will have wild swings from time to time. I may go red-hot one day and ice-cold the next if the patterns break. You can NOT win them all. Even when the picks are logical, the results sometimes just do NOT go in our favor. It happens. It happens with the stock market.

But when it comes to sports betting, you do NOT need to rely on the health of the economy. It does NOT matter how bad inflation is or what the jobs report looks like. Sports betting can be lucrative during the best of times or the worst of recessions. So the best time to jump in is at any time!

You will get three to four Top Quality Plays Per Week. I know what is moving, when to get in and when to get out. What you will NOT find here are claims about winning percentages and “locks of a lifetime”. If you are interested in making money, then CLICK HERE!

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