MLB Preseason Betting Tips

If I could give you a MLB preseason betting tip, it would be to treat it like avoiding the slot machines at the casino. The key to betting baseball in general, especially the MLB, is to focus on starting pitching.

In my opinion, motivation remains the biggest unknown in MLB preseason betting because some pitchers are vying for roster spots while others are experimenting with new deliveries or working through injury. You have to know these guys inside and out to really feel comfortable taking large swings in these games.

The attractive part about MLB preseason betting is the lines themselves, which are usually pretty low with most sports books. This leads to an obvious betting tip – do NOT throw your money around like an idiot. The moneylines during the preseason schedule are never so high that you can make a ton of money without risking an absurd amount, and same goes vice versa. Baseball betting during the preseason in general is tough, but if you are going to heed any of my MLB preseason betting tips, it is to dip your toes in the water instead of diving in head first. That means small, frequent bets.

Strong teams also make for better overall plays in general. If, at all possible, bet only teams that all playoff worthy teams. In, my opinion, in spring training games best to bet the more talented roster. It is usually a safer play.

The last MLB preseason betting tip I will leave you with is to simply wait and find a hot team. In fact, I very seldom place a bet during the MLB preseason.

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