How to Bet NHL Pucklines

Similar to point spread betting in most sports and the runline in baseball, pucklines are also available for bettors willing to dig a little deeper for some profits when wagering on NHL games.

However, the most popular way of betting the NHL involves the moneyline, and simply picking the team you think will win the game between the favorite and underdog. But the puckline is hockey’s version of the spread and identical to baseball’s runline, with oddsmakers favoring one team by 1.5 goals with the other heading into the game as a 1.5-goal underdog.

The puckline is adjusted accordingly based on how strong the favorite is and how weak the underdog is. Those who want to bet the favorite but do not want to lay such a heavy price may consider the puckline a more affordable option.

There are definitely instances where betting the puckline makes more sense than others. One particular situation is when there is strong appeal in backing a prohibitive favorite on the board and little value on the huge underdog. By wagering on the favorite to win by two or more goals, you can get the likely winner of the game at a reduced price.

Hockey bettors can also use the puckline to parlay their moneyline bets. By combining a moneyline bet with a puck line wager on a team to win by two or more goals, bettors can reap some serious rewards in the right spot.

Winning NHL puckline bets requires good luck and good money management.

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