Sports Betting Is NOT Gambling

What I have seen is that the average person who bets on sports does so for the gambling aspect. While counter-intuitive, they generally do NOT play to win as much as they play to lose slower.

Just like the old lady at the penny slot machine, they know they are going lose it all eventually. The main goal is to get enough time playing to consider the entertainment a good value for the money.

For me, the idea of losing it all eventually just never sounded right. Sure, I did that for a number of years before I learned better. I did what everybody else did. I made the same bad bets, on bad lines, over and over again, until the books had my money.

I followed the advice of the experts in the past, and all that did was make the bankroll disappear faster. You see, it does NOT matter how good you are at playing spread bets and other bad lines. You start from such a deep hole that you can never win. If you are good, you can slow down the losses. However, eventually, the odds catch up to you until the book ends up with your bankroll.

That is the nature of the game. Or so you are told. It is gambling, and you are supposed to lose. Gambling is equated with luck, and bad luck gets the blame for the losses. However, what if I told you that you can win money in sports betting. In fact, you are never supposed to find out that bad strategy is why you lose.

Today, I want to impress upon you the fact that sports betting is a game that you can win. It is NOT gambling, in my opinion, unless you make it that way. The books succeed because most people make winning impossible for themselves.

The average guy is so busy trying to overcome the huge monetary disadvantage their betting strategy places them under, they completely overlook the fact that the disadvantage can be overcome by avoiding the bad bets that create the disadvantage in the first place.

In my opinion, sports betting is NOT gambling. It is betting at a profit over the long term. The way to do that is to read the articles on this site, and to quit making so many bad bets, on bad lines.

Winning money is easy. Just make sure that you have a monetary advantage on every bet you place. That starts with always standing to make more on a win than you lose on a loss. That rules out all spread bets and total bets, and all favorites.

Imagine how much time you will save just by ignoring all of those games and bad bets instead of trying to find value where the is none to find. Then all you have to do is bet on winning dogs that have a good payout and a good chance to win the game.

That eliminates the vig, and puts the monetary advantage in your favor on every bet. Instead of giving the books an advantage and trying to overcome it, you give yourself the advantage and make it so big the books can NOT overcome it. You do to them what they have been doing to you.

Then just make the best bet for the day, and limit it to one per league. Spreading risk never makes it go away. It just takes more money to cover the additional risk you think you are spreading around. More bets on bad lines is not a way to make money, or reduce losses.

Winning money betting on sports is much easier than most people think. If you approach it as gambling you will lose your bankroll. If you approach it with the mind to make a profit and a strategy that makes it possible, you will win money.

Making money is easy with the right strategy which you can learn by reading the articles on this site, in addition to buying my picks.

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