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Bookmaker is one of the most renowned online betting sites in online gambling history. Bookmaker’s roots go back to 1985, long before the proliferation of online wagering. They began taking bets offshore via phone lines and launched their first online website in 2000.

Today, Bookmaker is based out of Costa Rica but has many offices around the world. They accept players from every country in the world, including those in the United States. Though most of Bookmaker’s clients are from the United States, they have a strong global presence. Their legacy in the industry is unmatched as one of the pioneers of online betting markets.

In addition to their sports book offerings, Bookmaker offers a racebook, an online poker room and casino.

While hundreds of online bookmakers have risen and fallen in the years Bookmaker has been operating; the company has weathered the storm better than anyone. In fact, they have thrived.

Those that wagered online from 2000 to 2006 will probably remember as an excellent option for gamblers. This was the domain Bookmaker operated at until 2007, not long after the US government passed the Unlawful Internet the Prohibition Act (UIGEA).

This law, along with the 1961 Wire Act has been the basis for criminalizing offshore betting operators for offering sports betting to United States citizens. While many sports books and other gambling sites left the United States altogether, BetCRIS and Bookmaker decided to stay but split into two brands.

In 2007, BetCRIS shifted to a non-US, Latin American focus and is still operating today. The betting company purchased the domain for their English language and US operations.

It was business as usual for both sites for several years until the was seized along with several other US-facing sports book domains in May 2011. The stoppage was short-lived for Bookmaker, which was back online in a matter of hours servicing players at a new domain.

Bookmaker later purchased the domain name, where they continue to operate to this day.

Any online sports book that has been around as long as Bookmaker deserves the respect of US bettors, especially in a climate that is far from ideal. The book’s massive betting limits mean it can be easily trusted for everyday gamblers. Hundred dollar bets are nothing to this bookmaking giant and wagers under six figures are taken in stride.

Bookmaker’s reputation is unblemished across the industry. They have paid players consistently for decades. Even when their business was targeted by the DOJ and some of their payment processors were seized, they did NOT miss a beat.

Despite having some of the sharpest odds online, there is no better model of success in the offshore betting industry than Bookmaker. Their two-decade track record speaks for itself.  Their early lines are excellent for bettors who want to get on prices before the big moves that come the next day. Bookmaker is one of the top choices for sports bettors in the United States.

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