The Joys of Betting Horse Racing

Horse racing is a one of those rare sports in which you can both participate and reap financial benefit. You are NOT betting against the house, you are matching wits with fellow horse players just like yourself.

If you pick the right horses at the right price, you will go home with more cash than your competition – NOT to mention the bragging rights that go hand-in-hand with your superior intellectual talents. Whether you are the gambling type or an educated investor, there is no better bet than horseracing.

And even if you do NOT win, you still get the bonus of living vicariously through the courageous thoroughbreds that come pounding down the stretch at speeds of up to 40 mph while engaging in all out battles to win. Yes, they do know exactly where the finish line is.

The gamest racehorses have that special something that keeps fans coming back, race after trace, season after season. You bet on these horses NOT because you know they will win, but because you know they will give their best for you (and your money) – and that feels good.

Strong, sexy, fast, and beautiful, thoroughbred racehorses have big hearts. They can be as game as a wolverine backed into a corner during a stretch battle, yet as gentle as a kitten when being cared for by a groom hours after a race. It is all part of a game that can put a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye.

Think about that when you walk down to the paddock to look at the horses as they are being saddled before a race. Watch for the confident walk, the glistening coat and the look in their eyes – the windows to the thoroughbred soul.

Betting on horseracing is much more than just plunking down your hard-earned cash and hoping for the best. It’s about courage and class, emotion and the will to win – it’s about life! So what are you waiting for?

Why you should Visit the Racetrack

You can scream as loud as you want without looking abnormal
You get to watch athletes who are spoiled only by love
You have a better chance of getting lucky
You might fall in love with a horse or…
You might catch something – like courage and class
And do NOT forget, you could win a lot of money

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