Tips For Betting On College Basketball Games

College basketball is becoming one of the most popular sports to bet on since there is a huge amount of games that are available to place bets on. With so many options in college basketball and the amount of games to bet on,the beginner college basketball bettor might be overwhelmed by the amount of choices to choose. However, I will outline what college basketball bettors should look for in order to make this task less daunting than it may seem.

In my opinion,the most important factor to look at when placing a bet on college basketball is the fact the home court advantage is huge. Most of the college players do NOT have the same maturity level as the pros that do this for a living. Thus,teams that are great at home might NOT be as good away from home since most college kids miss their basketball court.

Another factor that may affect the college game and betting more than the pros is the rebound advantage. Teams that are better rebounders in college will more often than NOT win the game. The reason for this, is that in college basketball there are a lot of shots missed in college than in the pros. Thus,the team that can pick up those loose balls will be able to capitalize with a win, usually.

In addition,you also should be able to learn how to read and know a team’s schedule. This means that you should,in my opinion,stick with one or two conferences. Know that there are three different parts to the college basketball season which will affect the way a team performs. The three parts of the season are the non-conference, conference, and postseason. In non-conference play,college basketball teams will often schedule easier games against lesser opponents to build confidence. In addition,they are seeking a postseason berth for later in the season. Thus, you can consider this part of the season the warm up games for the better teams. However, keep in mind that these games can often be harder to predict because of the lack of history between the teams. In regard to the conference schedule, when a team will only play teams from their specific conference, these games are often easier to bet on because these teams are very familiar with each other. Finally the final part of college basketball is the postseason, when teams that are better. Generally,teams will hold nothing back, and should be bet on because of the talent level that a certain team has. A rule of thumb to keep in mind, is that the better team will more often than NOT, win in the postseason.

An important factor with college basketball betting is the amount of motivation that each team has and should NOT be taken lightly. Some underdog teams playing on the big stage in a non-conference game might have more motivation that the team that is the favorite to make a good showing. This especially comes into play in non conference games. So keep this in mind when betting on college basketball games in November and December.

Also make sure you look around for the best games to place your bet. With so many college basketball games the possibilities of which games to bet on may seem overwhelming! However, this can be used to your advantage. In other sports where there is a limited amount of games, the lines can be affected much more by bettors throwing money on one particular team. The NFL is a great example, in my opinion. However, with so many games in college basketball this seldom happens. Especially, with smaller conferences. So if you see a college basketball game you would like to bet on, and the line looks good to you, then bet on it. With so many games on the table, the odds makers usually have a hard time setting the correct lines and the more experienced you get you will find these games and jump all over them.

In addition, you should look at the tempo of both teams as well. If a team upbeat when it plays, such as a game with a lot of running and making lots of shots against a team that is NOT able to keep up because they play more of a half court set,then something will have to give. Thus, look at past times when this has occurred for each team and who was more successful in getting the other team to play their type of game. Keep in mind that if a college basketball team has to play out of character,then more times than NOT they will NOT be successful in defeating the other team.

If your college basketball team in the last game was losing and their opponent ran up the score, then expect the players on the team that lost to also look for revenge. If the same teams fought a tough battle in their last game to the buzzer, then expect the revenge factor to come into play also.

Finally, do NOT be afraid to pass on a college basketball game since there are so many choices that you do NOT have to bet on all of them. Only bet the games that you are comfortable with and have done your homework. The betting action will very heavy on the big name games, but the payout is exactly the same on those high profile games versus if you bet games involving small or mid-major conference teams. When it comes to college basketball handicapping and betting, remember to do your handicapping!

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