Why Coaches Select A Certain Batting Order

Why Coaches Select A certain Batting Order.
Well, it depends on what each batter in a lineup job is to win a game.

1 – The leadoff batter is responsible for reaching base after making the pitcher throw as many pitches as possible. This generally, helps the other batters how and what the pitcher is throwing.

2 – This batter is responsible for moving the leadoff batter into scoring position.

3 – This spot is reserved for the best hitter on the team, for a few reasons. First, if the first two batters make outs then this batter, being the best, may be able to produce an extra base hit (at least double) continuing the possibility of scoring. Second, if either of the first two batters are on base, it becomes the third batter’s responsibility to continue moving them around the bases.

4 – Usually, this is the most powerful batter, the cleanup position, the homerun hitter. If the first three have reached base it may be that the bases are loaded when the four batter reaches the plate. Having a homerun hitter batting fourth makes it possible for a grand slam (a homerun where four runs score) to be hit.

5, 6, 7 – These batters are a mix of power and contact hitters. They are to continue rallies and start new ones if the first three batters were NOT effective.

8 – In the National League this batter needs to be a consistent contact hitter and have the ability to hit all type of pitches because with the pitcher up next it is easier to pitch around this batter. Nevertheless, this batter most often has the lowest batting average or is going through the biggest slump.

9 – In the National League this is usually reserved for the pitcher, but that is not a rule. When the pitcher occupies this spot he generally sacrifices his at bat to advance runners. Later in the game, when the pitcher is ready to come out of the game, pinch hitters are used here in order to increase the team’s offensive capabilities. In the American League this serves as a second leadoff batter to give the #3 batter a greater chance to knock in runs.