Why Make Money Doing Sports Betting

Have you ever wondered why so many people, even those who are pretty good handicappers like you, still lose money betting on sports?

Well here is why.
An average handicapper with a good betting strategy will beat the books and profit, while a good handicapper with a bad betting strategy will ultimately lose money. And most people have either a bad betting strategy, or none at all, even if they are good handicappers.

The sports books know the psychology of bettors and use it against them. The fact is, the sports books know just as much about sports bettors as they do the teams. Usually even more.

The sports books know that most people will take them up on the bad bets they offer seeking a higher winning percentage rather than profits. And, in most cases, they are right!

The sports books understand that the real competition is between them and the average sports bettor. It has nothing to do with the game being played on the field, or what teams are playing. In the meanwhile, you are focused on the game and teams playing never realizing that it is the sports books you are really playing against.

The result is that you end up taking lines that only benefit the sports books and guarantee you will lose money in the long run. Sports books in general could care less who wins the games, or how accurate their predicition is.

The only concern that sports books have, is locking in a profit for themselves long before the clock starts by predicting what YOU will do with the numbers they put out. And they are better at that than they are at handicapping.

Sports books get you to take bad bets in several ways, usually by enticing you to risk more than you can make by winning the bet in the first place.

For example, they create bets that give the appearance of an even outcome between the teams using point spread. In other words, the sports books try to create what the public will perceive as coin flip odds. A 50-50 outcome.

Then you spend your time trying to figure out if the books “made a mistake” on their lines that give you a slightly better than a 50% chance of winning the bet.

On those bets, the book laughs all the way to the bank knowing they will profit almost 10% on the betting no matter who wins the game, or which side wins the bet.

The end result is that you put your handicapping skills up against those of the books, who are easily the best in the business, trying to determine if they made a mistake in the number of points they give or take. That is NOT the real game being played, but if they can get you to go along with it they will gladly take your money.

An amazingly large number of people willingly go into it hoping they will overcome a monetary disadvantage so HUGE that only 2 out of 100 will be able to do it with any consistency. In regard to the other 98%, the sports book will slowly but surely churn away at your bankroll until it becomes their bankroll.

Then for those who do NOT like point spreads, the sports books offer a bet on the total score of a game. Of course, the method of fleecing used by the sports books is the same. You risk more than you can win on the 50-50 outcome. The sports books take their 10% profit off the top, and if you win you are the one who pays it.

The list of sucker bets goes on, but I am sure you get the picture.

I would call it a scam, but since they do it right out in the open and people still fall for it, it is NOT their fault. If you choose to dig yourself that big of a hole before the game even starts, you can NOT put it off on the sports books.

Ask yourself this one simple question…

Would you pay someone 10% to flip coins for you in a coin toss game? I think NOT, but that is exactly what the sports books do with bets like spreads and totals and you pay it without thinking.

Another question is…

Why are you NOT using a professional handicapper? Most pros know the games played by the sports books and which teams really provide value for your bets. Just think of a professional handicapper as a stock broker that is out to make you money!