Winning YOUR Sports Bets

Sports betting is about winning money, NOT winning percentage. You make money by betting the right lines on the right teams.

There is no magic trick…

All you have to do is gain a monetary advantage over the books.

The money is in the lines you bet, not the winning percentage, in my opinion.

I do NOT care who you are, if you bet bad lines you are going to lose.

Here is how you have been lead astray.

Many of the experts try to win 55% or more of their picks, mostly on crappy lines, with the hope of getting a small return.

They focus on lines with a negative return hoping for positive results. That is BS!

They have it backwards and do NOT know it.

Almost everyone will tell you it takes a 52.4% win rate to profit betting on sports. Well, in my opinion, that is ridiculous, but the thought sure scares you away from the best lines and biggest profits.

The fact is, 98% of the people are going to win between 40 and 55 percent of their bets. If you bet lines that are profitable with a 40% win rate, you almost CAN NOT lose. This is my philosophy! If you bet on lines that require a 55% win rate to profit you almost CAN NOT win.


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