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Horse Racing Betting Tips

In this article are a few horse betting tips that I recommend that you follow if you want to be profitable in horse begging. They are:

The question that must first be resolved however, is “how much do you require from the game?  The savvy player knows that serious money cannot be made on paltry $5 and $10 wagers.  This basic fact must be faced.  (Tip #1)  If you cannot bet more than $20 without feeling reckless, and if you cannot lose that bet without getting down on yourself . . . perhaps you need to reevaluate your reason for betting the horses in the first place.

(Tip #2)  Only bet on handicap races, this is a type of race in which the weight each horse has to carry is individually allotted according to it’s past performance to make the chances of all horses in a race more equal.

(Tip #3)  Once you have an on-going record of profitable betting, how you then structure your money management approach becomes very important.  Each small gain in either win %, or win price can cause a big change in your long-term, bottom-line ROI.

(Tip #5)  a smart player does not wager in too many races.

(Tip #6)  You need to be able to pass on low-odds favorites even when they look like a shoe-in in today’s race. I have suggested in other places that if a player is consistently betting horses at less than 2/1 – he is playing in a losing game.  In most circumstances (and in the long run), even betting horses at less than 3-1 as a steady diet will likely have a negative long-term profit expectancy.  The more races you wager the more true this becomes.  After all, favorites win only around 33% of the time.

(Tip #7)  Avoid betting on races with 6 or less runners as they tend to be won by a very short priced favorite and will give a poor return for your money unless it is part of a multiple bet, such as a Double.  However, if the favorite is a decent price, say 3/1, for example, then needless to say, it is worth having a bet.

(Tip #8)  Try to limit my horse racing betting to races with 13 runners maximum.

(TIP #9) avoid betting on “Maiden” races.  “Maiden” races are for horses with little race experience which have never won a race.

(Tip #10) try to learn as much as possible about the horses you are backing, their jockeys and trainers.  As well as familiarizing yourself with the characteristics of different racecourses.

(Tip #11) never bet more than you can afford to lose. You are not going to win all the time, so don’t waste your money chasing a losing streak.  So take a disciplined approach to betting, and hopefully, you will have fewer losing bets which will help to make your horse racing betting more profitable and enjoyable.


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