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I’ve been gambling since 1976 and I enjoy sports betting very much.  In fact, I’ve been doing it full time since 1993.

I suggest that you focus on one sport at a time.

In my opinion, sports betting adds fun and excitement to something you already enjoy watching and learning about, sports!  Yes to that, it’s more fun, interesting and exciting than watching and learning about casino games, poker, et cetera.

Sports betting is great for the casual gambler.  You can have a bet for fun on a team you think will win and get hours of entertainment for a small stake.

You can also easily get better and more serious about it by studying the sports and the bet types you are interested in betting since all the relevant information is available for free online now a days.  You can easily add to this by familiarizing yourself with some of the basic mathematical concepts such as odds as probability.

There are very few barriers to going from square to sharp.  Unlike in casino games, dice and slots where this is mathematically impossible, and poker where you will need to undertake thousands of hours of ongoing study, research and practice in mathematics, game theory and psychology.  By the way, horse racing is also fun.