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Top 9 Mistakes Sports Bettors Make

Things you better NOT do if you wager on sports.

These rules are so simple, but most sports bettors want the big quick score……….. that hardly ever comes!

Top 9 mistakes sports bettors make:
1. Bet on a “feeling”.
2. Bet more than 10% of your bankroll.
3. Parlay or Tease
4. Increase bet size after a big loss.
5. Borrow to wager.
6. Not shopping for odds.
7. Weigh recent events or trends too heavily.
8. Believe self-proclaimed handicapper results without research.
9. Misinterpreting Statistics: How often have you chosen a side, were NOT really sure if it was the proper selection,
heard or read a few things, and later convinced yourself that your pick was solid? That’s why you need a 3rd party who does handicapping on a daily basis – like me!

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