WHY Use My MLB Betting Picks

Many people do NOT like baseball, and do NOT bet it for that reason alone. Do NOT be one of those people.

The books make less profit by percentage in baseball than any other sport. The most reliable looking estimates I saw said about 2.89% is held by the sports books. In contrast, football nets about 8% profit, with basketball being about 6%.

I mention this because so many people choose to sit out on sports they do NOT like. As it turns out, the sports books win far less as a percentage on the least bet (liked) sports. Does that sound a little suspect? Could it be that the sports books take advantage of the football and basketball bettors because there are so many suckers out there who are willing to be taken in by the point spread scam?

The point is, the difference between baseball and football is that league parity and the lack of a good scam like point spreads forces the sports books to operate on a very small margin. A margin so small that a moderately skilled bettor can easily take the advantage away and beat them. A great bettor can make a living off of baseball.

Fair warning. One of the things you will have to do is accept that you will lose more bets than you win using my MLB strategies. Soon enough you will understand that the
search for a high winning percentage is the fastest way to lose money because it leads to
taking sucker bets and those that the sports books have an obvious, built-in advantage on.

The sports books try to dig a hole for you, but that does NOT mean you have to jump in it. Nor does it make any sense to get a shovel and dig your own hole.

While you are losing more of your bets, you will be making more money. That is just the
way the lines work when you play them correctly.

REMINDER: Winning percentage is ALWAYS going to be a reflection of the lines you bet. In my case, my winning percentage is 46% in MLB.

Always bet to win more than you risk because that is the one certain way to make sure the books do NOT have a monetary advantage

Whether you like the game or not, MLB is a sports betting gold mine!

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