College Football Betting Tips

If your looking to increase your winning percentage at beating the bookie you have come to the right website!

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#1. The first tip is that you will need to exercise proper money management.

This means betting a boring 2% of your bankroll.

#2. Be selective!
The bookie i
s forced to put out a line on every game. You are NOT forced to bet on every game! Only spring for action when there is an overlay, which means you feel that the value is in your favor.

#3. Focus on small college teams.

Less attention is paid to these games as the book is too busy worrying about making sure their “Big Games” matchup are solid. Often times, if you study hard enough, you can even find information that they do NOT have putting these games in your advantage on a consistent basis which is the name of the game.

#4. Understand that college football betting is a marathon, not a sprint.

If you think this is a get rich quick game your a fool. Football gambling is a grind and at best your only going to win 55% of your games which will provide for a very nice return on your investment.

#5. Watch line movement.
Throughout the week, point spreads move based on betting action and injury information. Keep a close eye on this!

#6. Take advantage of sports book specials.

We are NOT asking you to be a bonus whore, but do indeed take advantage of multiple bonuses,
specials such as reduced vig on certain nights of the week, free half points and other great promotions offered by many online sports books.

#7. Bet against huge point spreads over -30. Betting against public favorites over -30 has a huge win rate at near 65% over the past years.

#8. Learn that the difference between a winning handicapper and a losing handicapper.
You can check my record on every sport by CLICKING HERE! Remember, my winning percentage for MLB starts at 43%.

#9. Keep records of your bets.

There are many reasons for this. First of all, you want to be able to see what is working for you and what is NOT! Toss what is NOT and pay more attention to what is working. Second, you want to have a notation of what your open bets are in case the sports book erroneously reports your bet. While most online sports books are 99.9% accurate, errors can and do happen.

#10. Bet the same amount on every game.
We are all inclined to bet MORE on a game that looks easy. The problem is that if something looks too god to be true in sports betting, it probably is.

#!!. Do NOT let losses foul you up emotionally.

You bet, expect it since you can NOT win 100% of the time!

#12. Do NOT bet over your head.
It will cause you to be stressed out and make poor decisions costing you even more.

If you can NOT win on your own? Do NOT be embarassed, many can NOT !
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