College Football And The Value Bet

College football is big-time athletics nowadays. The media attention is enormous. However, most of the time they talk about the offense of a team.

It is important to know the equal importance of having a good offense and defense. However, most of the time attention is given to the offense since that is what people are generally looking at. Offense sells tickets and makes sports events on TV. Thus, offensive prowess has trumped defensive greatness for most.

The astute college football bettor is willing to take a contrary stance. As a rule, he does NOT find security in numbers and is NOT interested in being part of a consensus. The real sports bettor will look to find good value rather than the hype given to certain teams. The real sports bettor knows that good value can only come from more dark-horse type of teams.

In my opinion, getting good value is really what it is all about in any market and college football betting is in fact a market. And if you stay sharp, you will find value that will surely boost your profits. And that does NOT mean you will always be taking crappy teams, either. Look to smaller conferences.

While the more explosive offensive teams are the ones that receive all the hype, that is NOT the only way for a team to be effective. Defensively-strong teams, for example, do NOT get talked about much on ESPN or other sports bettors. In my opinion, defensive players do NOT get the same attention as their offensive counterparts. And you will see that in most cases, defense year after year, is what covers spreads. In my opinion, defensive teams are the real diamonds-in-the-rough, the teams that will allow you to get the best value for your buck

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