NFL Betting Tips

Becoming a successful football bettor is reliant on a number of important factors, but first and foremost is knowing the basics and making sure that you have all of the needed information right in front of your eyes. The better that your information is, the better your knowledge as to what information will in fact impact a game, and as a result, the better your betting results will be.

Listed below are some great tips to consider before placing your bets.

1. Make sure that you are playing with a good sports book. If your sports book sucks for any reason whatsoever get a better one by checking out our sports book reviews page which features the cream of the crop on the internet, bar none.

2. Bet on the underdog. Yep, that is right! That is where the money is at. Good teams win, but underdogs usually cover. The sooner you figure this out the better off you will be. Football wagering operates using a point spread. Straight up winners do NOT mean jack here brother. It is all about the spread!

3. Keep records. At midseason take a real long look at what kind of bets you are winning and losing. Drop what is NOT working and stick with what is. I do NOT have a crystal ball but I bet your getting killed on parlays and teasers! Do NOT bet on parlays!

4. Exercise proper money management. Bet small amounts so you can stay in the game. The double up theory whether you are ahead or behind just does NOT work.

5. Bet the same amount on every game. I do NOT care if you think if it is a lock. No one game should be weighted more than another. What is even worse is your solid plays usually end up losing more than your regular plays. The lines the bookies put out are made to try to dupe your perception.

6. Do NOT chase losses. The only way to undig yourself is to thoroughly handicap a game and make good solid selections based on good solid information.

7. Check how the weather including the wind is treating the venue in which the game will be played. Check weather reports and bet accordingly!

8. Do NOT listen to what the sportscasters on ESPN say. They may work for a sports station but their just pigeons reading off a teleprompter. These guys are NOT handicappers or even gamblers for the most part.

9. Get yourself multiple sports books and shop for the best lines and odds for each game that you bet. Then, compare prices.

10. Learn how to bet on NFL totals. Here is a little secret that most do NOT pick off. The betting limits on totals are lesser than sides. Know why? Because their easier to beat!

11. Take your systems and flush them down the toilet. I have heard them all and none of them work. If they did, winning long term sports bettors would rate higher than the current 3% that do!

12. Join a football handicapping forum and exchange information with people from around the nation.

13. Study! Handicap the games. Do NOT just make a blind pick based on who you think is going to win. If your tired of losing, there are some decent sports services out there as well. 24-7wagering offers GUARANTEED pick or next NFL pick is FREE.

14. Know what key numbers are in the NFL and how you can benefit from knowing what they are. Educating yourself on this topic can save you a bunch of half point losses over the course of the season which may mean the difference between being a winning or losing sports gambler. Read the article on this subject.

15. Pay close attention to injuries. NOT just RB’s and QB’s. I’m talking linemen. The battle is won in the trenches. If a major lineman is out, ESPECIALLY A CENTER on the offensive side of the ball, this is info you want to know.

16. Do NOT bet over your head. Create a bankroll and only bet a certain percentage of it each week. I suggest that the most you should bet on a game is 3%.

17. Finally, track your results. One of the keys to success is figuring out what you are good at and what you are NOT.