Soccer Betting Tips

Soccer is a globally recognized game with more than 3.5 billion fans. It is the most popular, most watched and most revenue generated sport in the world. If you love betting but you are a beginner you must follow some quality soccer bet tips.

If you follow a successful strategy you can turn the soccer betting into real money.

If you are clever to accept my free picks, mostly MLS, you can earn huge profits with a little investment. If you are a soccer expert you can most likely sell your soccer betting tips, so you get some extra cash, too.

The best soccer betting tips and strategies, in my opinion, are in this article.

I would decide your soccer strategy and start following the best soccer tipsters in the world The marketplace is full of soccer betting tipsters to provide in depth-analysis, stats and the most competitive odds for singles, doubles and accumulators.

Follow their soccer bets and place your bets on 5Dimes. By so doing, you are sure that your bet will be at the highest odds available on the market. Before starting to bet on soccer do NOT forget to read the
advice below, in order to avoid mistakes.

Tip – over/under odds give you an idea of whether the bookmakers think this game will be high or low scoring.

If you are a newbie you should bet only on teams and leagues where you have enough knowledge to place the bets. Check my free soccer predictions and choose the soccer bet tips you like most according to your betting knowledge.
Having to focus on too many soccer teams will leave you with less time dedicated to each team therefore having very less knowledge about each team. When deciding which teams to place the bets, overvaluing top ranked teams is NOT always a smart idea.

Many soccer bettors make the mistake of investing a huge amount of money on the expected winner with very low odds, but experience shows that many teams that are favorites, do NOT often win. Take into consideration, when you make a soccer prediction, that a team could be have an injury or simply have bad luck, or the club could sell its own best players.

Sometimes it is safer to bet on over 1.5 or under 3.5 than backing the home win at the same price, but it is always better to study the game in-depth and go for over 3.5 or under 1.5, with high odds.

If you bet on low odds the risk is bigger than the potential gain, math is NOT a matter of question.

A very good soccer tipster watches more matches possible to get more knowledge of the game. Stats are NOT enough in soccer. To provide a reliable soccer betting analysis, you need to assess the weaknesses and the strengths of both teams. Do NOT rely only on results and soccer statistics.

In my opinion, the more you know about betting on soccer, the more money you will make! Knowledge is money.

I suggest that you start out with only one league to follow. The most popular leagues in soccer are: England Premiership, La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy, the German Bundesliga, and MLS in the USA.

Do NOT get me wrong, profit could easily come from less famous leagues, if you know which are the top winning teams, their form and the secrets behind the scenes.

Finally, do NOT predict game outcomes or place stakes solely based on trends.

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