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My MLB Picks With My Record

I will be using MLB Moneyline Underdogs and the over/under total game runs as I focus for the 2019 MLB season. My expected win rate is appx. 60%. Games will have odds from both moneyline favorites and underdogs Typically I expect there to be up to 2-3 MLB game predictions per day over the season […] Read more

Profitable MLB Betting Tips

While it is never easy to make consistent profits through sports wagering, baseball generally offers a better opportunity to earn money than with most games. The big reason why is because Major League Baseball features more games than any other sport, meaning you have a wider variety of lines to choose from. Of course, this […] Read more

WHY Use My MLB Betting Picks

Many people do NOT like baseball, and do NOT bet it for that reason alone. Do NOT be one of those people. The books make less profit by percentage in baseball than any other sport. The most reliable looking estimates I saw said about 2.89% is held by the sports books. In contrast, football nets […] Read more

Why Coaches Select A Certain Batting Order

Why Coaches Select A certain Batting Order. Well, it depends on what each batter in a lineup job is to win a game. 1 – The leadoff batter is responsible for reaching base after making the pitcher throw as many pitches as possible. This generally, helps the other batters how and what the pitcher is […] Read more

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