Why Use A Professional Handicapper

Most sports bettors would love to have a higher “winning” percentage than just 48%. That means, at the end of the day, with all his research, he still lost money. Except in baseball where you the handicapper can be a winner by only winning 46%. In the pointspread system, the professional handicapper must have a 52.4% winning clip for him to end up with a net profit,

The professional full-time handicappers peddle their picks for a living. These professional handicapper make their picks based on their diligent research, they make their calls as to who would win in certain contests. I consider myself a professional handicapper in both sports and horsehandicapping (Southern California Circuit ONLY) . Just CLICK HERE to buy my picks.

Now, if you have gotten this far reading this article you are probably wanting to hire a handicapper who has a 90% or even 80% accuracy in forecasting winners. That is a dream and do NOT let handicappers tell you different! Unfortunately, you will NOT find one with that high a winning percentage. NOT among the legitimate handicappers that is!

In fact, posting a 65% success in calling games for a season is already very good – and rare – for good handicappers. The really good ones post a success rate in the high 50s. Some professional handicappers even have a losing: season with, say, a 46% success clip. But just like the good teams in professional sports, the good professional handicappers can bounce back from a bad season to a good season.

When you avail of the services of a professional handicapper, you pay a service fee. In my case, a daily pass is only $9.00. For that amount, you will be alerted of my picks for a day. I also offer reasonable prices – be it one week, one month or one season – depending on the package you chose. You may have been impressed by my past records of making the right calls. But more impressive is how I forecasts each contest. In fact, most of my sports picks are underdogs – that is why my ROI is NOT as high as other professional handicappers. But, I make more money for the sports bettor! In my opinion, it is the professional handicapper’s methodology that should really impress the bettor and boost his confidence level in going for the handicapper’s picks

Beware of scams, many sports bettors look for people who can promise 90% success rate or “guaranteed results.” You will NOT see anyone forecasting that accurately at the moment. Although, all my daily picks are guaranteed to make you money for the day.

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