Betting On The CFL Football League

The Canadian Football League, or CFL for short, has a strong following in Canada with many residents prefer it to the NFL. The CFL games culminates with the Grey Cup, which is the CFL version of the Super Bowl. As in the USA, the Grey Cup is Canada’s largest annual sports television event.

There are several differences between the CFL and the NFL, just to name a few, however. They include the following:
1. The field size (Canadian football field is 110 yards long rather than 100 yards
2 The team size (CFL has 12 players on the field as opposed to 11)
3. The number of downs (3 in CFL compared to 4 in NFL)

It is very easy to start betting on the CFL online. And, of course, 5Dimes and their family of sports books, often offer the best lines. The first thing you must do is open an online 5Dimes sports book account.

Once you have created an account you will need to get deposit some money in your 5Dimes account online in order to bet on the upcoming CFL games. In addition, I suggest checking out your sign up bonus offer in order to make sure you take full advantage of the bonus.

Now that you have money in your account you are ready to bet. Head over to the “CFL” betting section of the sports book to find the odds for the upcoming games. Place your bets then sit back and watch your team battle it out on the field.

The betting options that are available in the CFL are the same that you will find for the NFL football league. These include money line betting (betting on the winner), spread betting (betting against the spread), over/under betting (betting on total points) and more.

A unique CFL wager would be betting on the Grey Cup winner for the season. This future bet can be made at any time throughout the season, but the odds will change depending on the teams apparent chances of winning the title.

Before placing a bet, find the best lines by checking the sports books review section – The CFL betting lines may vary between our recommended sports books listed in the section – however, I have found the best lines to be at 5Dimes! In order to be a winning bettor you have to get the best return on every one of your bets. For this reason, I recommend that you always check out a variety of sports books to get the best spread before placing your CFL bet.

In addition, always do your research to Keep up with what is going on in the CFL in order to have the most knowledge to draw upon when placing your bet. Remember, that knowledge is power and this is especially true when it comes to betting on sports.

Finally, always remember that when making a CFL Football bet it is important to decide which type of betting method you are going to use from the various options that were mentioned. Football, including the CFL, is one sport where sports bettors have the opportunity to basically make a wager on anything to do with the game.