NHL Betting Explained

Just like Major League Baseball, NHL betting is centered around the three common single bets: the moneyline, the puck line, and the total. The moneyline is the most widely used of the three where you are betting on the outright winner of a game.

The puck line in NHL hockey betting is virtually identical to the run line in baseball. The favorites are typically given a spread of 1.5 goals, although that may shrink to 0.5 goals in the playoffs.

Lastly, there is the total (combined goals scored by both teams in a game), which is usually set at 5.5 goals or thereabouts. You can bet the Over or the Under, just like any other sport. Totals are very popular in hockey betting, and if you focus on the goalies (very important) for both teams, you can get an edge on the competition.

In addition to the above single bets, you can go to the NHL futures market and bet on who will win the Stanley Cup as well as the division and conference titles. The NHL props market is also very popular among NHL bettors.